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Valarie Weust

Valarie Weust
Hospital Manager and Client Services Team Leader

Valarie graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences and minors in Counseling Psychology and Mathematics from Ball State University in 1997.

Valarie has worked at Michigan Road Animal Hospital since September of 2000. She first joined the hospital as a client service associate, became the client service assistant team leader in 2004, became a client services team leader in 2008, and is now the hospital manager as well. Working in a veterinary hospital combines Valarie’s passion for animals and their well-being, her education, and her desire to serve others. She is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association and the Veterinary Management Association of Indiana.  

The human-animal bond continues to amaze her every day. Valarie shares her home with her husband, Jeff, their two Beagles, Violet and Tanner, and their four cats: Pewter, Blaze, Opal, and Marble. In her spare time, she is working towards pet therapy certification for her dogs and training them in K9 Nose Work®. She also volunteers as a colony feeder for Indy Feral.