Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter in Indianapolis – Help Your Pet and Our Community

Why should you spay and neuter pets?

How old should your pet be before you spay or neuter?

What is the process?

These are the most common questions when it comes to the spay and neuter procedure. You may have asked yourself these questions. Please read on to learn more, and call our animal hospital in Indianapolis today to schedule your pet’s affordable spay or neuter appointment: 317-291-3932

Why You Should Spay and Neuter Pets

Millions of unwanted pets are put down every year. You can be a responsible pet owner by having your cat or dog spayed/neutered. Please consider doing your part to help the community of Indianapolis. Spay and neuter procedures prevent unwanted births and may also reduce many behavioral problems associated with the instinct to mate.

After your pet is spayed, their heat cycles are eliminated. After your pet is neutered, their breeding instinct is minimized. This makes them much more calm, less likely to roam, and content with staying home.

There are some serious health problems you can help protect your female pet from by spaying early. Breast cancer and uterine infections are two of them. Neutering your male dog or cat can lower the risk of developing an enlarged prostate gland and testicular cancer.

When To Spay and Neuter Pets

Contact us about the most appropriate time the spay or neuter surgery should be performed on your pet. Our recommendation will be based upon its breed, age and physical condition. Submit an inquiry online or call us today at 317-291-3932.

The Spay and Neuter Process

Spay and neuter procedures require an initial thorough physical examination by a veterinarian. Our vet will ensure that your pet is in good health prior to the surgery. Spay and neuter procedures are the most common surgical procedures performed. Our vets are experts with these surgeries, so you can rest assured your pet will be in good hands. General anesthesia is administered to perform the surgery and medications are given to minimize pain. You will be asked to keep your pet calm and quiet for a few days after surgery as the incision begins to heal.

Do you have more questions for our expert vets who perform spay and neuter services in Indianapolis? We are here to help 6 days a week. Contact us online or call 317-291-3932.

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