Pet Salon

Cat and Dog Grooming in Indianapolis

A service most of our clients take advantage of is pet grooming. A good bath & brush or grooming is essential to keep your pet healthy & happy. Whether your pet just needs a good wash & dry, or needs a professional hair trimming complete with bows and painted nails with one of our certified pet groomers, you can count on us to beautify your pet!
The groomer Carol with a black dog


If your pet doesn’t need a haircut or “do,” our staff of trained veterinary assistants will be glad to bathe your pet. We bathe dogs and cats Monday through Friday by appointment. A bath includes:

  • wash (with non-soap, non-irratating shampoo)
  • coat blow out (dead coat removal)
  • brush out (with a furminator if your pet is the furry kind!)
  • ear cleaning
  • and a nail trim

If your pet has the type of hair that clumps up, or needs to be trimmed, our staff will be happy to make your pet a grooming appointment with Carol.


Our professional pet stylist Carol is ready to poof your poodles and pamper your pekingese! Carol Dog grooming Indianapolisis our fabulous pet groomer at MRAH @ Crooked Creek and she can’t wait to meet your furry canine! Carol is available Monday through Saturday by appointment at 317-291-3932.

Experienced at grooming every breed of dog we are sure Carol can provide the grooming your pet needs. She is available to chat with you when you drop your pet off to get your instructions & will call you or text you when your pet is ready to go home. She promises lots of TLC to your pet during their spa day-complete with lots of love & regular potty breaks. Grooming includes your pets:

  • shampooing
  • conditioning (if needed)
  • brush and blow out
  • hair cutting or shaving (per instruction)
  • ear cleaning
  • anal gland expression (when asked)
  • and nail trimming

Prices vary depending on the breed of pet, and the style desired. Optional services include: brushing teeth, dremeling nails, and hair coloring for special occasions–just ask for details & prices when you call.

Please feel free to contact us for availability, price, and any other information you may need. We can’t wait to chat with you & make your pet’s grooming appointment.

Call 317-291-3932 today for your pet’s spa day at MRAH @ Crooked Creek!