Pet Salon

Cat and Dog Grooming in Indianapolis

A good bath & brush is essential to keep your pet healthy & happy. If your pet just needs a good wash & dry, you can count on us to beautify your pet!


If your pet doesn’t need a haircut or “do,” our staff of trained veterinary assistants will be glad to bathe your pet. We bathe dogs and cats during the week by appointment. A bath includes:

  • wash (with non-soap, non-irratating shampoo)
  • coat blow out (dead coat removal)
  • brush out (with a furminator if your pet is the furry kind!)
  • ear cleaning
  • and a nail trim

If your pet has the type of hair that clumps up, or needs to be trimmed, it would be better served by a professional groomer.

Call 317-291-3932 today for your pet’s bath day at MRAH @ Crooked Creek!