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Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Michigan Road Animal Hospital @ Crooked Creek, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Click here to submit your pet memorial online.

Bacardi ~ June 2008 - September 2017

In loving memory of Bacardi.

Bacardi was my sunshine. He spread sunshine wherever he went. The sweetest, gentlest soul that I’ve ever been blessed to know. I rescued him on Memorial Day weekend in 2009, but he is the one that really changed my life for the better when he crossed in front of my truck that afternoon. I am blessed that he found me and that he allowed me to be his mommy for 8 years. Bacardi was truly special. Anyone with a heartbeat couldn’t help but melt when they looked at his beautiful face while his big brown eyes stared through you. My gentle giant, he never did anything but spread his love and kisses to everyone who crossed his path. I will forever miss my beautiful baby boy, his silly personality, his caring disposition, his bellowing bark, watching his ears bounce up and down as he galloped across the floor playing with his favorite toys… He was always there with me, loving me unconditionally. He was taken from us way too suddenly and unexpectedly, but my only comfort is in knowing that he is no longer in pain, and that he was truly loved. You will forever be a part of me Bacardi. Your Mommy and Grandmommy miss you so very much.

Clyde ~ February 2007 - January 2017

In loving memory of Clyde. Always in our hearts.

Heart. That’s the word that could best describe Clyde. He had the biggest heart you could imagine. He loved his people and he loved his siblings. Even at the vet’s office, he was more concerned with other dogs if he thought they were scared or in pain than he was concerned about himself. I know everyone says their pet was special, but Clyde truly was the most unique dog I’ve ever met. An old soul. I miss him constantly by my side, the distinct sound of his paws walking across the floor and his snuggles. We rescued him at age 2 and for the next 8 years he touched our lives in more ways than I can ever express. The sayingWho rescued who?is so true. We are better people for knowing Clyde and if humanity had half the heart he did, the world would be a much better place. He was taken unexpectedly and way too soon, but hopefully he’s doing great things somewhere else in this universe. Always in our hearts, we miss you every day, Bub. - Love, Dodie & Daddy

Fancy ~ March 2000 - September 2016

In loving memory of Fancy.

She was my constant companion from 6 weeks after she was born until it was time for her to leave. Always faithful and loving. She adopted all the puppies I fostered showing them the ropes and how things where done. A proud surrogate mom to them all. She ruled the roost with a growl, bark and a nip to keep the rest of the brood in line (even the cats). Baby girl you will be forever missed. - Love, Christine

Peach ~ May 2005 - March 2016


In loving memory of our best friend, Peach, who we love so very much. She will be in our hearts forever. 

Peach was such a loving friend and companion who had such a rambunctious and playful heart. Her favorite pass times include chasing our cat freckles around the house, cuddling on the couch and going for walks at the doggy park. Everyone she met instantly fell in love with her. She will be always remembered in our hearts and dreams. We miss you so much!  - Love, Mom

Leo ~ December 20, 2002 - January 15, 2016

In loving memory of Leo, our best friend and loving companion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the fun times and memories. 

Leo will always be remembered as the most loving friends anyone could ever ask for. He was so good at chasing mousey-toys and romping and playing in the curtains or clean laundry right out of the dryer. He was a loving kitty soul who loved naps in the afternoon sunshine and cuddling up at the foot of the bed every night. We miss you and love you so much! - Love always, Kim & David