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Virtual Office Tour

Main Entrance & Waiting Area

Our spacious lobby doubles as our canine waiting area. Bright and open, patients are welcome to walk on the grounds outside, or snuggle up to their owners on our benches as they await their upcoming appointment.

We have two large examination rooms, which open directly off of the waiting area, so our patients do not have a far walk to see their Doctor. We offer side door access to the building, for our patients who may not be happy about their trip to the Doctor’s office!


Kitty Korner

Kitty Korner is a cozy, quiet little nook especially intended for our feline friends. We have two feline examination rooms that open right off of this area, so our feline patients often never realize there are dogs in the building!


Examination Rooms

We have four separate examination rooms that our Doctors use for all of their daily appointments.

We have two at the front of the building that are primarily used for our canine patients complete with stainless steel lift tables to protect everyone’s back!  We also have two examination rooms near our Kitty Korner that are more condusive to our feline patients needs.


Treatment Room

The treatment room is where all the action takes place. Blood work, ultrasounds, intensive care, x-rays, even simple nail trims and ear cleanings are  performed in this room.  Radiographs are taken in a nook directly off our treatment room, and are developed in an adjoining room.


Intensive Care

You can see our intensive care ward in this picture of our treatment room. Pets who require IV therapy and constant monitoring are kept here, where a member of our staff is constantly watching over your pet in case they should need immediate assistance.


Surgery Ward

Our surgery room is spacious enough to perform multiple surgeries at the same time, if necessary. Pulse occimeters, heart rate monitors, the laser surgical unit, heated surgical tables, and the rest of our anesthesia & surgical equipment reside in this room.

Attached is a recovery/prep room. This room is used to prepare pets for surgery on mobile surgical tables, to clean and sterilize instruments, and monitor pets while they are waking up from their anesthesia.