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We all have very busy lives, and sometimes it can be difficult to find time to stop by our office just to pick up a medication refill or a bag of food. We completely understand! So, in an effort meet your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations as your pet’s veterinarian, we are excited to announce the launch of our online pharmacy! You, our clients, now have the ability to visit our online pharmacy and order your pet’s prescriptions, just like with any other online pharmacy—only without the delays that can come with those 1800 folks or the wondering just where your pet’s medications actually come from. Using our online pharmacy will allow you to receive your prescription sooner because you do not have to go through an intermediary for your prescription approval. You will also still be eligible for any manufacturer product guarantees that are provided when purchasing the product through a veterinarian. And perhaps best of all—your pet is getting medication direct from the manufacturer, giving you the peace of mind of manufacturer guarantees and not some online pharmacy’s version of a guarantee.

Many of the same products that we prescribe in-house, as well as many that are not available in our hospital, are available online. These products will sometimes have a slightly lower price online because we do not have the cost of ordering and storing it in-house, and that savings is then passed on to you, our clients. Our online pharmacy features benefits such as:

Our online pharmacy features benefits such as:

  • FREE SHIPPING (even on foods!) when you enroll in the Auto-Ship program
  • Paw Reward Points program that earns you extra savings
  • FREE home delivery on orders over $49
  • GREAT prices (exclusive instant rebates as well as other specials.)

More About Home Delivery

That’s right—for those pets on prescription diet foods such as Hill’s, Purina, and Royal Canin these diets can be purchased through our online pharmacy and shipped free right to your home. Since they will be shipped directly to your home, it eliminates the need for you to wait more than a few days if you are running low on food. If your pet is on a compounded medication our online pharmacy has the highest credentialing for a compounding pharmacy by PCAB & probably has what your pet needs, eliminating the need to travel to a compounding pharmacy by having it shipped right to your door.

Having your pet’s medications delivered to your door is as simple as 1-2-3!

There are three simple ways to place an order:

  1. Shop online 24/7 on our website or via our app. If you are already a registered client, CLICK HERE
  2. Call (888) 606-3336 to place your orders by phone.
  3. We can e-mail your order from the hospital!

Benefits of Using Our Online Pharmacy

Whenever your pet needs prescription medications, your veterinarian is your best, most reliable source.

Your veterinarian…

  • physically examines your pet and knows your pet’s medical and treatment history
  • knows which medications are safest for your pet
  • educates you about potential side effects associated with your pet’s medications
  • shows you how to properly use the medications prescribed for your pet
  • stores prescription medications in the clinic according to label directions
  • uses current, unexpired medications

Please give us a call today if you have any questions about our new online pharmacy at 317-291-3932!


$10 off orders over $75
Limit 1 per customer – Only applies on orders over $75


$5 off
Limit 1 per customer


$5 off
Limit 1 per customer