Euthanasia, Cremation & Pet Loss Support

Remembering the years of love and care given to our pets and the lifetime of companionship and devotion returned, we cherish their memories long after their lives have ended. Our pets not only deserve, but it is proper that we give some forethought to their final arrangements.

Should your pet require humane euthanasia, our caring staff can assist you in the handling of all aspects of this difficult decision. All of the decision making is up to you, and we will gladly comply with your wishes. Our friendly and compassionate staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the euthanasia process.

After your pet has passed we can provide cremation or aquamation services. You have the option of a private or communal cremation for your fur-baby. Should you choose a communal cremation, your pet’s ashes are laid to rest around a private garden on the grounds of Pet Rest in Ossian, Indiana. Each garden is marked with an annual marker, so you can visit the grounds where your pet rests if you like. Please visit their website to take a tour of their gardens, if you wish. We can also arrange for the individual cremation of your pet at Pet Rest. To help achieve closure with the loss of your beloved pet, we will return the ashes to you within 3-7 business days. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

A view of the Pet Rest gardenThere are many different ways to memorialize your pet, and house their ashes, if you wish. There are a number of wonderful options available from Pet Rest for your fur baby, featuring everything from indoor urns, urns that can be placed in your garden or your pet’s favorite lounging spot outside, as well as jewelry and keepsake options too. Feel free to look over the items available in their online catalog. If there is something you like, please let us know and we will take care of all the details.

Rose Pet Memorial Center, in Indianapolis is a unique and wonderful place to help pet owners and their families mourn, memorialize and celebrate the life of their pet. They are capable of providing almost anything a grieving pet owner may want, including grief counseling, books, art, etc. Additionally they offer support group meetings on a monthly basis. Please ask any of our client service associates for more details, a brochure, or a catalog, or click here.

For any additional information or if you would like to discuss other options for your fur-baby, please call us at 317-291-3932.

Here is a list of grief resources you may find helpful:

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
This is a national clearinghouse for information on mental health professionals who provide pet loss support. There are state-by-state listings of pet loss counselors.
P.O. Box 106, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Delta Society
The Delta Society promotes and studies the improvement of health through service and therapy animals. It has resources regarding pet loss.
875 124th Ave. NE, Suite 101, Bellevue, WA 98005

World by the Tail, Inc.
This company provides services and products for anyone who loves, lives, and works with pets. It specializes in grief support, but also provides other emotional support resources for pet-owning families and veterinary professionals.
126 West Harvard Street, Suite 5, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Please click here for the full list of resources provided by the Pet Angel Memorial Center.