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It's Almost Summer...

Start summer off right!
Schedule your pet’s annual checkup today to be sure your pet is healthy!

It’s summer! Time for BBQs, long hikes and refreshing water play! For our indoor cats, summer means lots of extra "sun" time in the house for all of those naps, right? You and your pet enjoy this time of year. It’s filled with activity, fun and food!

There are a few things we have to talk about. First, is your pet eating the right food for their lifestyle? Meeting your pet’s nutritional needs is vital to their health and happiness. So before you take your big hike with Fido or start your movie marathon on the couch with Fluffy, bring in your furry friend for their annual exam.

Second, if your pet is just 10% over their ideal body weight (that may mean 1 lb. for a 10 lb. cat), they are at risk for developing serious medical conditions. Who wants that for their buddy? No way, you say! Come in for a checkup and a pit stop at the scale!

Third, most “people” food is not good for pets, especially from the grill! For example, feeding your pet chicken bones can cause tooth fractures and tear up their digestive tract during digestion.

Make an appointment for your pet’s annual checkup today – we’ll give them a thorough physical exam from nose to tail! We are here to provide lifelong care for your lifelong friend. Plus, we’ll talk about what they’re eating this summer (and beyond!) and if we have to make any changes.

Who loves your pet besides you? Us! Book your pet’s yearly examination today so we can keep your pet healthy and happy this summer! Give us a call at 317-291-3932 or scroll up to the green banner at the top of this page to Request An Appointment and schedule your pet's appointment today.